Shopping Tips


* We accept cash, Visa, and MC.  You must have an ID to use a debit/credit card.

* In an effort to GIVE BACK, we are asking each shopper to bring at least one non perishable, non expired food item to donate to the LFCN food pantry to help a family in need.  We will also be collecting donations of gently used (or new) stuffed animals for the The Teddy Bear Brigade.  Please consider donating a stuffed animal to comfort a child in need!

* We have a limited supply of bags available to borrow while you shop. We do not have shopping carts.

* Please note that opening days do promise the best selection, but it can also mean large crowds and long checkout lines. We only have one line for checkout but it includes LOTS of scanners and cashiers. Please be patient as we are trying to check out shoppers as quickly as possible.

* During peak shopping times, the crowds can also make shopping with little ones a challenging experience. While we welcome your children and are happy to have them, it may be more enjoyable for you if they didn’t come along.

* Come again later in the week. New items arrive throughout the week, so there are great deals to be found all week long!

* If you come across stains or items with other damages, please let a volunteer know! We immediately remove all items that are stained or damaged from the sales floor. Volunteers do their best to catch these at check-in, but they can miss things from time to time. We DO make a note of consignors who submit stained clothing and if we come across a seller with a lot of defective items they will be asked not to sell with us in the future. 

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