5 Drop Off Your Items

  • Each consignor is required to choose a drop off time.  You can do this when you sign in to your consignor account.  We know how crazy life with little ones can get sometimes, but please make every effort to be on time.
    • Drop off appts will be on 9/21-9/22 for 1st round consignors and 9/24-9/25 for restocking consignors (depending on your registration date/time)
    • Please bring your clothes to drop off sorted into gender and size groups.  (We would prefer these NOT rubber-banded together in groups, just layed in piles by size).  
    • During your drop off appt, you will check in with a volunteer.  You will also receive a pass to the Consignor pre-sale as long as you consign a minimum of 30 items (Restocking consignors can pick up their passes at “Will Call” just before the pre-sale). A spouse or parent is welcome to join you at the pre-sale, but anyone else must have their own pass.  
    • We will inspect all your items during drop off, and we reserve the right to refuse items that do not meet our standards.  Please don’t be offended if this happens to one of your items; we simply want to maintain a high quality sale.
    • After inspection, we will have you assist our volunteers in putting your items out on the display floor.  Please allow up to an hour to complete drop off (depending on how many items you are consigning).  You will not be allowed to shop or set any items aside during drop off hours. Sorry, no exceptions.
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