4 Print and Attach Tags


Printing tags:

  • Print your tags on standard white cardstock.  You can purchase this at Walmart/Target or any office supply store. Normal paper is too flimsy and tags get torn and lost.
  • It is best to use Internet Explorer web browser when printing your tags.  
  • Use the “normal” print setting instead of “high quality”.  It is better for the bar code to print a little light rather than too dark.  Bar codes should look crisp, not blurry in order for them to scan properly.
Attaching tags:
  • Shoes: Attach the tag with a safety pin through the shoelace holes or buckles. Tape doesn’t hold well.
  • Toys, DVDs, Puzzles, Games, Video Games: Tape tags on toys unless fabric is available to put a safety pin through.  Please use clear packing tape, because scotch and masking tape will not hold well.  If the toy has stickers, be mindful not to cover the stickers with tape, as it will rip the stickers when removed. 
  • Large Toys, Furniture, Baby Equipment: For any item that is too large for a shopper to carry around: do not tape the tag onto the item.  Instead, print your tag and bring it along with you to drop off.  We will have “large item claim tickets” available at drop off. You will attach your tag to the large item claim ticket and zip tie it to your item.
  • Books: Please be careful where/how you attach the tag to books.  Place the tag in the location that is least likely to damage the book when the tag is removed (front cover, inside cover).  Scotch or painters tape work best for attaching tags to books.
  • Clothing: Fasten your tag by sticking a thin safety pin through the top of the tag and attaching it to the top left shoulder of the clothing item (If the item is facing you it will hang on the right - see photo). We do allow you to use a tagging gun if you prefer, but these tend to leave holes in items, so if you choose to use one, please use a fine needle and be sure to attach the tag through a seam to minimize damage.
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