2 Prep Your Items

  • Clothing
    • All clothing must be on hangers.  Please use appropriately sized hangers for the clothing item you are hanging. Hang clothing on the hanger with the hook pointing to the left - same direction as a question mark ?.
    • Shorts, pants and skirts must be hung on a clamp type hanger or safety pinned to the TOP arms of a regular hanger. This will prevent them from sliding and bunching up on the racks.
    • You may group a max of 2 clothing items together as a outfit if you choose. When pairing clothing outfits or selling pieces of clothing together, they must be the same size.  We group our sizes by weight equivalent on the majority of brands.
      (For example, one piece labeled 3-6m may pair with another piece labeled 6m and you would put that in the "3-6m or 6m" size category. It cannot be paired with 3m...always go with the higher size if there is a range.)
    • Exception: if there is an outfit that clearly has three pieces that came together as a set, you may include all the pieces.
    • Clothing sets must be hung on a hanger set or with pants pinned as described above and shirt hung over them. Pin the pieces together at a seam so that they will not get separated.
    • The appearance of your items is important.  To impress a buyer and increase your sales, make sure your clothes are freshly laundered.  Be sure to double check your clothes for stains and holes so that you do not waste time tagging items we won’t accept at drop off.  It is best to do this in bright natural or florescent light. See our FAQsfor stain removal tips.
    • Sort your clothing items by gender/size.  This will make entering your items in the inventory system much quicker and picking up unsold items much easier!
  • Accessories (Socks, Tights, Hats, Bibs, etc): Do not put these items in a ziploc bags. It prevents customers from being able to see them well.  If you are selling several items as a set, you can pin them together with a safety pin.  (Exception: multiple pairs of socks sold as a lot can be bagged, but please leave the ziploc untaped so that we are able to inspect them for quality at drop off.)
  • Shoes: Pairs must be secured together (we suggest using a ziptie, but string would work as well). No bags or boxes.
  • Toys: 
    • If the item needs batteries, these must be included so that the customer can see that it works.   
    • It is helpful if you include the instruction manual/leaflet if you still have it.  
    • Small parts of larger toys should be bagged and taped to the main part very securely.  If you are selling several smaller items as a set (ex – a set of trains, dolls, etc), please put them in a Ziploc bag and tape it shut securely. 
  • Large Items: (Toys, Furniture, Baby Equipment): Please be sure that your items are CLEAN and fully operational.
  • Books:  These can be sold individually or combined as a set.  If selling books as a set, try to group similar books together and put them in a large Ziploc bag. Tape the bag shut.
  • DVDs, CD’s, Puzzles, Games: Must be free of scratches, include all the pieces, etc. (count puzzle pieces to be sure!). Please tape all DVD’s, CD’s, puzzles, and games shut. 
  • Video Games: Do not tape video games shut. We have a special procedure for them at drop off. If the video game does not have a case, we recommend printing the cover on cardstock to display with the game. 
  • Car Seats: - In order to sell a car seat, you MUST complete a car seat waiver. Please print 2 copies, fill them out entirely, and bring them to drop off. One will be displayed with the car seat and one will remain on file with Kidz Kraze. Click HERE to access the waiver and requirements for selling.
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