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Click HERE to head to the Consignor Sign in page. Sign in to your account using your consignor # and password. Once you are signed in, you will be able to do a number of things:
  • Select a drop off appointment: Each consignor is required to choose a time to drop off their items at the event location. The earlier you choose your appointment, the more slots you will have to choose from.
  • Volunteer to help: This is optional, but many consignors love being a part of the event. Plus you get to shop earlier! See details on our volunteer page.
  • Enter the items you want to consign: Click on "Activities Menu",  “Work with Consigned Inventory”, then “Active inventory”.  You can then choose the device you are using to enter your items (mobile or laptop) and whether you'd like to manually enter your items or use the voice entry system. If you choose to use the voice entry system, please read instructions provided.

VERY IMPORTANT: The deadline to enter your items is Sunday, Sept 17th at 11:59pm.  Please do not try to wait until a few hours before your drop off appt to enter your items because the online system will not allow any entries after the deadline.  You can, however, print tags up until your drop off slot.

  • Category: Choose from the toggle menu the category that best represents your item.
  • Size: Choose a NUMERICAL size for clothing and shoes (choose “leave blank” for toys, baby equipment, books, etc).  Please make sure to indicate the correct size on the tag. You cannot label clothing as S, M, L because this is not how we organize clothes on the rack. If sizes are marked incorrectly, the item is likely to end up in the wrong size and this drastically reduces your chances of selling it!
  • Description Line: Enter a detailed description of the item including the brand, color, and type of item (ex. Old Navy purple butterfly short sleeved shirt, or Fisher Price Little People School Bus). There are many hands touching items during the sale and because of this, tags sometimes fall off.  The better description you include on your tag, the more likely we will be able to re-tag your item.
  • Price: Items must be priced for at least $2 and prices must be in 50¢ increments.  For clothing, the max # of items you can sell as a set is 2. Please note: if you do choose to group items together as a set, be careful not to overprice. Shoppers often skip right over anything that seems way above the price point of other items - no matter how many pieces are included. We know it is hard not to be sentimental when pricing your items, but please try to be realistic. Ask yourself, "What would I be willing to pay for this item?"  and be sure to consider what a customer could buy it for new. For additional pricing recommendations see ourFAQpage. 
  • Check to discount: select this box if you would like the item to be discounted during the discount days.  If you'd like to come home with an empty box, we highly recommend discounting your items.  Much of our inventory is already sold by Friday, but discounting your items ensures that items you may have overpriced will get sold those last 2 days.  If you indicate for your item to be discounted, it will sell for 25% off on Friday and 50% off on Saturday. If you do not check this box, the item will remain full price during the duration of the sale.
  • Check to donate: select this box if you would like to donate the item if it doesn’t sell.  Please consider donating and giving back to those in need.  Items will be donated to Lynchburg Community Action Group and BRPC.  If you choose ahead of time to donate your items, you will have a “Donated Items” list uploaded to your account at the end of the event that you can use for tax purposes.
  • Returning Consignors Only:  if you have unsold items from a previous sale that are seasonally appropriate for the current sale, you can transfer these to your active inventory.  Simply click on the link in the left column to activate items from past sales. Check the boxes for the items you wish to sell in the current event and click “Make selected inventory active”.  You do not need to reprint tags for these items unless you change something on the tag (price, discounted, etc) or the barcode is worn.
Additional Tips :   
  • If you’re entering all your tags in one sitting, it is best to sort your items by category and size.  This will make entering your info on the tags much quicker b/c the category and size will remain the same from one item to the next. It will also be easier to put tags on your items and to find your unsold items during pick up.
  • If it is an expensive item, it is helpful to include the retail price in the description line.  
  • If you will seal the item shut (DVDs, games, puzzles, set of books, etc) include a note to verify that all pieces are included, DVD is scratch free, etc.  This helps a shopper have confidence in buying the item.  If there isn’t space for this on the description line, you could handwrite it on the tag after you print it.
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