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Kidz Kraze offers several opportunities to share your business/organization with many local families


SILVER SPONSOR: Choose one of the two options
Option 1: FLYERS- Your business can advertise on a flyer that we will put in shoppers’ bags at the sale. These work great if you include a coupon or special offer. You must provide us with your own flyers. Your flyers must be 1/2 sheet or postcard size and will need to be delivered to us the week prior to the event. Cost: 300 flyers for $40, 600 flyers for $70, or 1,200 flyers for $120

Option 2: EMAIL/WEBSITE - Your business can be an email/website sponsor. Your logo (with a link to your website) will be included in one of the emails that goes out to our entire mailing list for the upcoming event (over 4,000 local subscribers!).  Your ad will also be placed on the “Our Sponsors” page of our website and linked to your business website for 6 months.  Cost: $40.

 GOLD SPONSOR: Choose both options

Combine both advertising opportunities and receive a $10 discount!  Have us put your flyers into shoppers’ bags and have your logo/ad included in one of our mailing list emails and on our website for 6 months!

Showcase your business, sell your merchandise, and obtain shopper contact information as you reach hundreds of families during our event.
SILVER VENDOR:  Choose option 1, 2, or 3
Option 1: ($125)
Saturday, Sept 23 (Opening Day, 8:30am-7pm)
Sunday, Sept 24 (Open to public, 11am-4pm)

Option 2: ($75)
Monday, Sept 25 (Restocked Benefit Pre-Sale, 7-9pm)
Tuesday, Sept 26 (Restocked opening day, 9:30am-7pm)

Option 3: ($75)
Friday, Sept 29 (25% off Day, 9:30am-2pm & Half Price Presale, 5:30-9pm)
Saturday,  Sept 30 (50% off Day, 9:30am-1pm)

Join us for the duration of the event! This includes all hours listed in option 1,2, and 3, as well as Wed & Thurs from 9:30am-7pm.

SPONSORSHIP ADD ON: Vendors can add on a sponsorship option at a $10 discount. Please inquire if interested.

* The vendor spaces will be large enough to fit one 6ft table and approximately a 2ft aisle around the perimeter of the table. Please plan your space accordingly.
* Vendors will need to provide their own 6 foot table, chair(s), table covering, and company signage (must hang on your table or within your assigned space).
* We welcome you to be present for the entire allotted time for a Silver or Gold Vendor; however you are welcome to physically represent your booth the days and hours that work best for you and your business.
* You are able to share your Market space with another person, as long as only one (1) company is represented.  
* The entire event is indoors.

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